Our Birds & Parrots

Birds & Parrots

We stock a wide range of birds including African Grey Parrots, Amazon Parrots, Conures, Green-Wing and Blue & Gold Macaws, Parakeets, Cockatoos, Finches, Budgerigars, Cockatiels, Quail, Lovebirds, Mynah Birds, Pigeons, Hahns and other dwarf Macaws, Senegals, Meyers Parrots, Eclectus, soft-bills and Caiques to name a few.
Our birds are either bred and reared by ourselves or are from close and trusted friends, to ensure the best start in life

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my parrot talk?

Yes, certainly the larger parrots (African Greys upwards!) but the smaller parrots can also mimic some words. Remember that your parrot will only learn to talk if you talk to it!

Should I get a hen or a cock bird?

There is no real difference between the sexes in most birds with regards to their suitability as a pet.

Should I cover my bird at night?

Yes! Most birds require a good twelve hours of sleep at night in order to stay healthy! Switch off the TV, turn out the lights and cover them with a cloth cage cover and use a verbal cue such as 'Night Night' to let the bird know it's bedtime!.

Does my bird need UV light?

Some birds are more prone to calcium deficiency (African Greys and Eclectus) and all require vitamin D in order to absorb and utilise the calcium in food. Vitamin D is synthesised in the skin when exposed to sunlight, so in the UK (and with most pet birds being kept indoors) UV light will benefit most species. Use "Calcivet" by Birdcare to provide sufficient calcium in the diet (see 'Links' page for contact).

Should I clip my bird's wings?

We do NOT recommend that you clip your bird's wings - one of the most enjoyable activities for you and your bird is flying! Clipping can lead to behavioural problems, reduce the bird's ability to fly away from predators (pet cats and dogs) and incorrect clipping can result in fall injuries. Never clip a young bird's wings, since learning to fly can prevent injuries at a later date, builds confidence and therefore reduces the risk of behavioural problems, and develops the cardio-vascular system and muscles which will ensure a healthy, fit and happy bird. Bird safe your room and screen your windows!

How can I keep my bird happy?

A good quality, fresh, varied diet with lots of different textures, lots of companionship, play and bonding time, allowing time out of their cage to fly, explore and interact, and rotate a range of safe toys. Vary the size and type of food available, add and / or move food dishes and hide food in toys. Large macaws are said to have the intelligence of a five-year old child, and many of the larger parrot species are able to undo bolts and door catches, so be careful and ensure that your doors are secure! See our links page for more ideas on parrot enrichment!

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Hermann's, Horsfeld's, Sulcatas and Leopard Tortoises - full set-up and husbandry advice, call us for details....

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