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Parrots - Health, Welfare, Enrichment

Click here for information on parrot health care products from The Birdcare Company

We use many of these products ourselves, and keep some of the more frequently used products in stock, such as Calcivet (highly recommended for all birds, but especially African Greys, birds that are laying or rearing young and birds that are feather-plucking)

Click here for information on parrot welfare, suitability as pets, parrot species and husbandry from The Parrot Society

Click here to download a book on parrot enrichment - lots of ideas to encourage fun and activity in your pet!

Reptiles - UV guidancent

Click here for guidance on why your reptile needs UV light and a guide to their requirements

Veterinary Practices we would recommend

Click here for veterinary practices that specialise in exotic pets

Click here for veterinary practices that have exceptional facilities for all your other pets, including hydrotherapy / rehabilitation facilities, digital radiography, orthopaedic surgery and dermatology.

Rabbits & Guinea-Pigs

Click here for information on rabbit health, welfare and husbandry, FAQs and further links

Click here for help and advice about house-rabbits

Click here for the Burgess Pet Food website, helpful guidance on feeding rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas using their Excel range

Children's Party Entertainers - Our Exotic Pet Party Shows & Lectures!

Click here to find us on UK Entertainers

Click here to find us on Children's Party Shows

Click here to find us on Absolute Events

Click here to find us on Add To Party

Click here for our link to Emma at Sweet Cheeks Partys - we can work together with Emma to create a whole party package for you, including face-painting, themed events and character appearances, glitter tattoos, balloons packages, magicians and dance parties!

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A wide range of baby tortoises just in!
Hermann's, Horsfeld's, Sulcatas and Leopard Tortoises - full set-up and husbandry advice, call us for details....

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We are currently looking for a shop assistant - must have a driver's licence and car, be computer literate, preferably have retail experience, love animals of all shapes and sizes and be willing to work with both small furries and exotic pets, have enthusiam and a willingness to learn - if you are interested, please email a covering letter and your CV to