Pet Boarding

We board all exotic animals as well as birds, small rodents and small mammals (including ferrets) - sorry we do not board dogs or cats!

You do not need any equipment, food or supplements as these


are all provided and included in the price.

Please provide us with details of any special needs or requests if required, so that we may adhere as near as possible to your pet's normal routine, to ensure that they enjoy their stay!

Our boarding reptiles are kept in two rooms which are specifically for this purpose, and are housed in large vivariums in optimum conditions, so while you are away your pets are having their own holiday, too!

We have lots of deals and special offers, so please contact us for further information!

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A wide range of baby tortoises just in!
Hermann's, Horsfeld's, Sulcatas and Leopard Tortoises - full set-up and husbandry advice, call us for details....

Petaholics Ltd


We are currently looking for a shop assistant - must have a driver's licence and car, be computer literate, preferably have retail experience, love animals of all shapes and sizes and be willing to work with both small furries and exotic pets, have enthusiam and a willingness to learn - if you are interested, please email a covering letter and your CV to