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Steve Still, the proprietor of Petaholics, first started keeping reptiles over forty years ago! We now have one of the largest and most unusual collections of reptiles and exotic pets in Kent.

Much of our stock is bred either by ourselves, trusted friends or private enthusiasts; this ensures that our stock is both healthy and of the best quality.

Herpetology (the keeping of reptiles) is not an exact science, and if you were to ask a question to ten different 'experts', you would probably receive ten different answers, more than one of which would be correct!

The real experts use their knowledge and experience to find ways to make life easy for the beginner. Remember, if it works and the reptile is happy and healthy, it must be right!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of incorrect advice given so ask questions from lots of people and get them to explain what they mean. A real expert won't mind this at all, whereas others will show their lack of real knowledge and experience.

As well as reptiles, we also have an extensive range of the more 'usual' small furries, such as rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice and guinea-pigs, as well as interesting variations such as Dumbo and Tail-Less rats and naked mice.

Many of our birds, small rodents, rabbits and guinea-pigs are bred from our own private collection.

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A wide range of baby tortoises just in!
Hermann's, Horsfeld's, Sulcatas and Leopard Tortoises - full set-up and husbandry advice, call us for details....

Petaholics Ltd


We are currently looking for a shop assistant - must have a driver's licence and car, be computer literate, preferably have retail experience, love animals of all shapes and sizes and be willing to work with both small furries and exotic pets, have enthusiam and a willingness to learn - if you are interested, please email a covering letter and your CV to